Babolat pure drive Wimbledon

onze beoordeling

10 design

10 fashionable / future classic

8 durability

8 overall impression


One of the best sold rackets in the Netherlands and probably around the world is the Babolat Pure Drive. Ten years ago, when I started playing again my father owned one and within 5 minutes I decided this racket would be ok for me. It has been since, ok here and there a few rackets inexplicably broke into a few pieces:) but the Babolat Pure Drive still remained my favorite racket.

Extensive testing
Last year I decided to start testing, after 2 months I realised that there’s a reason why this racket is one of the best sold rackets. The 2015 version is even better to play with, it transformed the game of tennis once again because it’s so easy to use. It forgives a lot (poor footwork and technique) so you hit the ball most of the time very well, even if you’re not hitting the ball clean the Babolat Pure Drive makes you look like a pretty decent player.

Analyze where players typically make contact with the ball
Before introducing the new Pure Drive, Babolat decided to analyze where players typically make contact with the ball. This analysis by Babolat resulted in a brand new design that moved the sweetspot closer to the tip of the racquet. The update was a success in my opinion. While it’s still very easy to use, the Babolat Pure Drive 2015 provided me with more power.

“Have you bought the rackets?” The answer is no… the rackets look truly awesome but when I decided to buy two new rackets at the sports shop where I tested the rackets, they advised me to wait for another 6-9 months. Being a Wimbledon fan they told me there was new version of the Babolat Pure Drive Wimbledon 2016 on it’s way. Unfortunately when Babolat shows them the new rackets and bags they are not allowed to use their smartphones but they told me the rackets looks even better than the ones you’ll see posted on this page. So can’t wait for the Pure Drive Wimbledon to arrive.

My own reviews are not so much based on extensive testing (though in this case it’s a racket that I’ve used for years) but I review these products being a tennisfan and a graphic designer. So I look at the products slightly different, I look mainly at the design, if it could be a interesting fashionable tennis product and maybe a future classic. Durability is also imporant but that’s mainly based on the reviews I find, based on these 3 elements I’ll have my final overall impression.

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