Nike zoom cage review

onze beoordeling

10 design

6 fashionable / future classic

8 durability

8 overall impression


The Nike zoom cage is my favourite tennis shoe at this moment, I recently bought the orange/navy version with golden stripes (you gotta do something to get noticed). Unfortunately I couldn’t find the right photograph but they look great and I really like the fit, also thinking of buying the all black version which looks awesome. The shoe itself fits very well, especially when you realise I bought the shoes online in Spain, while I live and play in the Netherlands. It’s a shoe you could say is a little bit plump, the majority of shoes nowadays are very fine and elegant but this shoe is slightly different.

Having wide feet myself the Nike zoom cage is a perefct fit, it’s rough and tough and gives me lots of stability including a thick sole. So for me, the perfect shoe to move around on a tennis court, it’s firm and also looking very nice. As said, mines are orange/navy with a golden stripe, but I have to admit I didn’t notice that the stripes were gold when I ordered the shoes. So at first it was a little bit of shocker but I really like them and especially on the courts we play (smash courts) it’s a very nice companion.

I found a few reviews about the shoes and they are available in lots of colors. Decided to show 10 versions of the Nike zoom cage, 5 mens and 5 womens but I guess there are about 20 different versions of these Nikes zoom cage available. My own reviews are not so much based on extensive testing (though you never know what might happen in the future) but I review these products being a tennisfan and a graphic designer. So I look at the products slightly different, I look mainly at the design, if it could be a interesting fashionable tennis product and maybe a future classic. Durability is also imporant but that’s mainly based on the reviews I find, based on these 3 elements I’ll have my final overall impression.

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