New Balance tennis shoes 2016

onze beoordeling

8 design

6 fashionable / future classic

8 durability

8 overall impression

When I was a little kid there was only one pair of shoes you would like to have… New Balance. At that time (the 80’s) New Balance was a very popular brand in the Netherlands, but with the growth of brands like Nike they lost it quite a bit. Or at least that’s what I’ve always thought, after doing some research I found out they sold for over more than 40 billion the last 25 years, so you could say I was WRONG. And with the rebirth and the huge popularity of sneakers on the streets, New Balance became a familiar foe once again in the Netherlands. On the streets lots of people are wearing their shoes and also on the tennis courts they are on their way back.

The collaboration between New Balance and players like Milos Raonic and Heather Watson has increased New Balance’s popularity a lot. I’ve already written an article about Milos Raonic’s stunning outfit but I also like lots of other stuff. There is a huge collection of various women’s New Balance tennis shoes. In all kind of colors and also lots of different models + here and there I can still see some of the accents that made the shoes great in the eighties. I really like the designs and there is lots of variation by using different materials and beautiful patterns. The New Balance tennis shoes, model 996 with the little stars are my favorites in this 2016 collection.

What I also like very much is how they designed the N on both sides of the shoes, normally the N’s on New Balance shoes are quite condensed but on all their tennis shoes it’s a different and very elegant N. When you look at N on the New Balance tennis shoes, you can see that there is a sort of movement / wave in the letter and that makes it a great piece of art. It suits a sport like tennis with lots of fast and intense court movements. My own reviews are not so much based on extensive testing (especially in cases like this when the product is a tennis shoe for women) but I review these products being a tennisfan and a graphic designer. So I look at the products slightly different, I look mainly at the design, if it could be a interesting fashionable tennis product and maybe a future classic. Durability is also imporant but that’s mainly based on the reviews I find, based on these 3 elements I’ll have my final overall impression.

(buy these shoes on the website of New Balance: New Balance women’s tennis shoes)

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