Grand slam tennisblog logo

The logo of this grand slam tennisblog (luckily) didn’t have a very long phase of numerous sketches and try-outs. From the moment it became clear there had to be a (grand slam) tennis blog I knew what to do; the logo had to be a tribute. In 1984 aged 9 I saw my first full Grand Slam final on tv. I had seen parts of Wilander winning the Roland Garros 1982 and Noah during the 1983 final, but I had never seen a Grand Slam final from start to finish. The match between John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl really impressed me a lot, so this logo is (hopefully) a fitting tribute to two of the greatest players ever. Never seen the match? Just read this article.

(read more on the website of classic tennismatches: Lendl defeats McEnroe in 1984 Roland Garros grand slam final)

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