Grandslamtennisblog.com is a Dutch based tennis blog. Here you’ll find the latest news about my blog www.grandslamtennisblog.com and the greatest sport there is; tennis. My main goal is to provide you with the easiest available information/links/articles about tennis. I’ll write blogs myself but my main objective will be, to create a blog that will do the searching (that’s me of course) for you. If you love/like/play the game of tennis, this must become the blog.

It took a while but I started on the first of january (no hangover there). Right now I am trying to find my way, my main goal will be finding the tennis stories that are not so much tennis-news related but I am looking for the “real” stories. I will try to produce (my own) blogs during the grand slams and a few other major tournaments like KEY BISCANE and MIAMI plus the year end masters.

I won’t -and know I can’t- compete with the SI’s of this world but that’s not my goal. I want to write reviews about gear and materials and find those brilliant stories while working towards my own webshop with designs that all have one thing in common… it has to be tennis related. Shirts, sweaters, art, posters, tennis cans, wallpapers for kids (maybe for shops, clubs) etc. If you have questions concerning this blog… just send an email to info(at)grandslamtennisblog.com.